"He makes the sessions fun and relaxing, and his final product is outstanding."
Amanda R. - San Francisco, CA

"He makes the sessions fun and relaxing, and his final product is outstanding."
Amanda R. - San Francisco, CA


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ACting headshots

CORPORATE headshots

San Francisco professional headshot photographer, Ben Krantz Studio, creates headshots to match your brand in the Bay area and Oakland's Warehouse District. A great impression, your personality, you at your best, exceptional headshots by Ben Krantz.

San Francisco Bay Area Professional Headshots


A great headshot should not only show that you're professional, it should show your personality and style. The Bay Area is a highly competitive work environment and we need every edge we can get to show we are at the top of our game. I will help you not only get an attractive photo, but one that shows your own brand of confidence.



When looking for a photographer to take headshots of your team, you want a photographer who will take the time and energy you've put into your brand and carry that over into your headshots, group shots and "At Work" shots. Having someone who can make people feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera is what I specialize in.



In the most competitive industry of them all, you need an edge. You want something that looks like the most attractive, confident, true version of you possible. More than that, you want something that shows your personality, and that demonstrates what's unique about you.




"People who saw the photos thought I had hit the big time…"
Charlie F. - san francisco, ca

Make a great impression. Having a professional and modern headshot is essential in presenting to the public exactly who you are and what you're all about. That’s where I come in. My passion and talent are focused on helping people promote all that makes them awesome. Specializing in high-end headshots for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, business professionals and talent, I focus on bringing out the best in you, making sure your strengths, personality, and individuality make you stand out in a photo you’ll love.

about me

Ben is the best! I have always hated getting headshots because I never felt they actually looked like me. Ben totally nailed it! I LOVE my new headshots and get so many compliments on them!

Chloe C. - San Francisco, CA


I've had the pleasure of working with Ben Krantz Studios several times. He's taken headshots and couple shots of me and my husband, and he's shot several theatrical events that I've been a part of.

One of the loveliest things about Ben is how much he puts you at ease. His interpersonal style is strong but so congenial and warm that he brings out the best aspects of his clients without resorting to cheesy jokes and gimmicks. 

I can't say enough excellent things about him, the care he takes with his work, and the great skill he brings to it.

DC S. - Oakland, CA

DC & Peter

Ben is amazing! He was very accommodating especially when I couldn't find his place and was running a bit late. Probably the most relaxed photo shoot I ever had and all thanks to the positive energy and vibe he gave! My headshots turned out great. I will definitely ask him to do them again in the future!

Steven M. - San Francisco, CA



I start almost every session by sitting down and discussing what you want from your headshots. What are your professional goals and what parts of you and your personality do you want people to see when they see your headshots? Then during the shoot, I like to talk about anything other than the photo shoot. I don't want pictures of you thinking about smiling, but rather thinking about things that make you smile.

I think a headshot can be so much more than just an attractive, flattering picture of us, but also a photo that shows who we are and even who we can be.

the Style & Approach

I shoot most individual headshots outdoors, in the neighborhood around my studio in Oakland's historic Jack London Square Warehouse District. My studio is strategically located in an area with hundreds of background options. There are countless textures of glass, concrete, brick, trees, and metal, found among the backdrops of modern buildings, industrial open spaces, train stations, small shops, local restaurants, landscaped walls, bustling streets, Victorian buildings, and so much more.

headshots in oakland

The San Francisco Bay Area has so many fantastic backgrounds and environments in which to photograph. When shooting on location in the Bay, I search out backgrounds that compliment your office culture and brand. We can often find unique backgrounds right inside your own office building that offer a distinct style, but that won’t distract from the headshot. But whether you’re looking for the downtown vibe of San Francisco’s Financial District, the startup feel of Palo Alto, or the hip neighborhood flavor of the East Bay, I can shoot outdoors in a great area that is a convenient walking distance from your office. 

on location in the bay area

In this global economy, we spend a lot of time and energy tying our offices and brand together across multiple cities. Having your team members’ headshots from different offices shot by the same photographer makes your brand so much more connected, and gives a cohesiveness to the look and voice of your organization. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Each office can pick their unique environment in which to shoot their headshots, or you could choose a studio backdrop for uniformity company-wide. Most importantly, you want to stand out from the competition, and ensuring your brand is visually represented in a thoughtful, well put together way is a vital component.

shooting across the country