Picture this: you’re scrolling through your LinkedIn feed, a virtual sea of faces and names. Suddenly, one profile grabs your attention – it’s not just a face, it’s a story, an aura, a brand. That’s the magic of personal branding. In a world where our online presence is as crucial as our handshake used to […]

Going Beyond the Professional Headshot: Creating a Personal Brand

Corporate photography. It’s way more exciting than it sounds, trust me. Today, we’re zeroing in on an essential ingredient in professional headshots – yep, you guessed it – confidence. In this blog, we’re diving deep into how to rock your corporate photoshoot with confidence and authenticity. We’ll cover everything from prep work and posing to […]

Capturing Confidence: Expressing Your Best Self in Corporate Photos


Today we are going to navigate the exciting world of group corporate headshots and share tips to make your next photoshoot a blockbuster success. We’ll explore the importance of a skilled photographer, the intricacies of posing, the magic of lighting and composition, and various group photoshoot options. Plus, I’ll leave you with some sage advice […]

Young woman posing her with arms crossed smiling

Showcasing Your Team: Group Corporate Headshots Done Right



In this blog post, we’re going to shake things up a bit and talk about the value of embracing the modern headshot over the outdated, confining headshots of old. We’ll explore how photographers can work their magic to capture the true essence of people from all walks of life, challenge clichés, and redefine what a […]

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Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate Headshots: The Path to Authentic Representation

We all know picture day can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to be! Want to ensure your corporate headshots turn heads and land you that dream gig or client? You’re in the right place! From picking outfits that signal “hire me” to embracing patterns and color, we’ve got the lowdown to ensure you […]

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Dress to Impress: Wardrobe Tips for Corporate Headshots


Calling all corporate and not-so-corporate professionals! Are you gearing up for those crucial corporate headshots that will grace your LinkedIn, corporate bio, or even snazzy website? You’re in the right spot! This blog is your go-to guide for looking authentically awesome (yes, that’s a thing!) in your professional photos. In this particular article, we’re talking […]

Make Up Tips From Ben Krantz Studio

The Dos and Don’ts of Makeup for Corporate Headshots



First impressions mean something and a headshot is your first impression in the digital world. Most potential employers and clients will do a quick Google search and check out your LinkedIn profile before you ever meet face-to-face, and that face of yours will be the first thing they see, so you want to make sure […]

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Nailing the Perfect Headshot Pose: Tips for Corporate Headshot Success

Establishing a powerfully persuasive professional brand is more important than ever. The modern business landscape is competitive across most industries. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned executive, an employee, or an entrepreneur; how you present yourself to the business world can impact your success. Corporate headshots are an overlooked yet powerful tool in your […]

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Why Corporate Headshots Matter in Professional Branding


Here’s a great article on branding your self in your headshots.

How to Brand Yourself for Headshots



My wife Melissa loved this article and so did I. It’s a great read if you are getting ready for some professional headshots.

Stitch Fix Article on What to Wear for Professional Headshots